Re: Minor (but annoying) slowdown in Nautilus 2.2

Heh, the Nautilus guys rock. This is fixed in (which hit Debian
unstable today.)

Thanks guys!

peloy chapus net (Eloy A. Paris) writes:

> Hi guys,
> I found a slowdown in Nautilus that is not related to the 2D
> acceleration bug in the Nvidia drivers (I'm using the nv driver from
> XFree86, which works fine.)
> The slowdown happens when Nautilus is building the context menu for a
> file. I don't remember how it was in previous versions of Nautilus but
> in 2.2 it does take some time. To reproduce, right-click on a
> file. You'll see how the context menu pops up immediately, but all menu
> items will be disabled (grayed out). After a small pause most menu items
> will become active, and in some cases, the size of the menu will change,
> i.e. new entries will be added to it.
> I am seeing this on a relatively fast machine, so I guess that on slower
> machines this is more noticeable.
> This is a minor thing, of course, but I just wanted to know if others
> see the same and what they think about it. Shouldn't the menu be built
> completely before it is displayed? I would think that it would actually
> save some time to display the menu once, instead of twice as it seems to
> be doing.
> Cheers,
> Eloy.-
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