Re: displaying uris in titlebar

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 15:39, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > 3. A link to the "burn" directory could be added to the desktop
> > whenever an empty cd-r is placed in the cd drive (I think this is how
> > the mac works).
> I agree that that is how it should react to a cd-r being put in the
> drive. but also it should be possible to prepare a cd image in advance.
> Don't forget that it can be used to make isos.

Well in the perfect world of templated files, you could do file => New
iso and than drag and drop files into the iso or something. (This would
be really cool feature actually, like if you wanted to add files to an
existing iso, you just open it drag drop files into and click save, I
have no idea if this is even possible....)

> > 4. smb:// is accessible from the network:// uri, although its kind of
> > crappy since smb:// is not a sub dir of network:// (which can be
> > confusing).
> I posted a bug about this a while ago: 101925

yeah i just moved it to vfs, since it probably needs to be thought about
there first... :)

> > 5. Applications:// should be on the desktop by default too...
> I prefer the idea of accessing applications:// through the context menu
> in the file mananger. Just right click on a catagory and click browse.
> Having it on the desktop would be a needless duplication IMHO.

eccchhh context menus, Nautilus context menus are way to overfilled as
it is :) Point and click is much more natural and easier to discover. 


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