Re: displaying uris in titlebar

> 3. A link to the "burn" directory could be added to the desktop
> whenever an empty cd-r is placed in the cd drive (I think this is how
> the mac works).

I agree that that is how it should react to a cd-r being put in the
drive. but also it should be possible to prepare a cd image in advance.
Don't forget that it can be used to make isos.

> 4. smb:// is accessible from the network:// uri, although its kind of
> crappy since smb:// is not a sub dir of network:// (which can be
> confusing).

I posted a bug about this a while ago: 101925

> 5. Applications:// should be on the desktop by default too...

I prefer the idea of accessing applications:// through the context menu
in the file mananger. Just right click on a catagory and click browse.
Having it on the desktop would be a needless duplication IMHO.


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