SV: nautilus-list digest, Vol 1 #391 - 6 msgs

I don't see the problem... 

The arguments to keep the current behaviour is that Windows/Mac users
use symlinks as bookmarks, and expects to jump to this location. The
argument to use the default shell behaviour is that it's the Unix way
and most Unix/Linux users expects this.
So why not let the user add "filemanager bookmarks" as suggested and
call it filemanager bookmarks (or something to clarify that it is a
bookmark for the filemanager), no one expects to see a bookmark outside
the application they currently use. 

There is one thing that worries me with this discussion... It seems that
the main focus is to please the Windows/Mac user, even if it is on the
expence of the Unix/Linux users. (I must point out that it is mainly
Unix/Linux users that use nautilus. Windows users tend to use Windows
Explorer... ) 
Don't get me wrong. I agree that it is important to make the desktop
easy to use and that it should be easy to switch from Windows/Mac to
nautilus, I just don't think that the different symlik behaviour is so
confusing that people will stop using linux because they just don't get


> * You could implement interfaces for both symlinks and shortcut files
> (i.e. .desktop files). The drawback of .desktop files is that 
> users can
> be confused if nautilus asks them "Would you like to create a 
> Link or a
> Shortcut?". Also, programs don't know about .desktop 
> symlinks. But they
> are only for nautilus, ne?

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