Re: Proposal for bug 73937 / symlinks in nautilus

I know that Nautilus and Gnome worked hard to _remove_ options (and I
agree with that) but this symlink behaviour choice looks like a good
exception to me. in fact there is not a "right" and a "wrong" way to
handle them and besides the 2 possiblities seems to map to 2 different
set of users: the current "windowish" behaviour seems good for normal
users while the "unixish" one seems preferred by developers and
experienced users. Since these people know what they're doing it may be
good to have a gconf hidden option (not in the UI) to change the
behaviour, while defaulting to the current way for the normal users.

I don't know if this it's actually doable... just my 2 euro cents

	who still has not decided which is his preferred symlink behaviour :)

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