Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> > /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/network/uri
> >                                    display_name
> > /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/root/uri
> >                                 display_name
> > /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/home/uri
> >                                 display_name
> a) We don't want all uri modules there, nor do we only want toplevel nodes
> b) we certainly don't want a home: uri method. That will just bring pain 
> and problems. We should avoid to alias files like that, and making normal 
> (non-gnome-vfs) apps unable to read files clicked on in your homedir.

Yeah, I realise these two; I couldn't think of anything better than
'vfs-modules' - but the structure takes your points into account. (It has a
'uri' key, rather than just a display_name key.)

- Jeff

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