Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Wolfgang Pichler">
> > a screenshot is avaible at:
> >
> This looks great! Are you sure that a user interface for adding/removing
> entries from this tree is necessary?
> I'm sure that we could arrange for appropriate vfs modules to add themselves
> to the list via their GConf schemas (or have Nautilus to it for them), and
> it doesn't seem like a particularly useful thing for a user to interact with
> or change. These things should just work! :-)

The idea is that you could add more than toplevel things to it. e.g. 
commonly used smb shares, and it should only show a few handpicked items 
by default.

Btw. The smb tree probably doesn't work as you expected due to the desktop 
links in the smb: toplevel.
> > At time it saves it states under:
> > /apps/nautilus/media-sidebar-panel/uris
> > 
> > where an key "count" is (these key gets monitored - when it change then
> > all running instances are reloading the config) - i think you have to
> > create this key by hand to get it working for the first time
> > 
> > and then there is:
> > 
> > 0/uri - the gnome-vfs uri
> > 0/display_name - the display name
> > 1/uri
> > 1/display_name
> > ... and so on - every new uri gets a new number
> Not sure this is the best design - it's hard for a vfs module to add itself
> to GConf via a schema this way. It's also stuck under Nautilus -> perhaps it
> would make sense to have this list of human-grokkable vfs modules available
> for the entire desktop? This gets a tiny bit tricky, 'cos it would have to
> be done somewhere other than Nautilus, such as libgnome or whatever...
> /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/network/uri
>                                    display_name
> /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/root/uri
>                                 display_name
> /desktop/gnome/vfs-modules/home/uri
>                                 display_name

a) We don't want all uri modules there, nor do we only want toplevel nodes

b) we certainly don't want a home: uri method. That will just bring pain 
and problems. We should avoid to alias files like that, and making normal 
(non-gnome-vfs) apps unable to read files clicked on in your homedir.

But I agree that the proposed setup makes it a bit hard to add/remove 
uris. It also probably won't be good enough for adding the home uri, since 
that is not constant.

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