Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

<quote who="Wolfgang Pichler">

> a screenshot is avaible at:

This looks great! Are you sure that a user interface for adding/removing
entries from this tree is necessary?

I'm sure that we could arrange for appropriate vfs modules to add themselves
to the list via their GConf schemas (or have Nautilus to it for them), and
it doesn't seem like a particularly useful thing for a user to interact with
or change. These things should just work! :-)

> At time it saves it states under:
> /apps/nautilus/media-sidebar-panel/uris
> where an key "count" is (these key gets monitored - when it change then
> all running instances are reloading the config) - i think you have to
> create this key by hand to get it working for the first time
> and then there is:
> 0/uri - the gnome-vfs uri
> 0/display_name - the display name
> 1/uri
> 1/display_name
> ... and so on - every new uri gets a new number

Not sure this is the best design - it's hard for a vfs module to add itself
to GConf via a schema this way. It's also stuck under Nautilus -> perhaps it
would make sense to have this list of human-grokkable vfs modules available
for the entire desktop? This gets a tiny bit tricky, 'cos it would have to
be done somewhere other than Nautilus, such as libgnome or whatever...



Great stuff!

- Jeff

    "GNOME, launched specifically to counter a threat to our freedom, is    
       the free software project par excellence." - Richard Stallman        

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