Re: [PATCH] Change list-view rename-behaviour

Dave already replied to this message, since I agree with his reply, I won't
reply to all of Roberto's post, but I have a few things to add;

Roberto Rosselli Del Turco <rosselli ling unipi it> wrote:

> Well, it seems that general consensus is clearly leaning in the "axe it"
> direction :) I will raise some general points, however, as they are
> related to other, more general issues.
> 1. Is the concept flawed, or just its implementation?
> In his original message, Marten described the icon renaming feature in
> list view as "very irritating" (BTW, I find it telling that he expressed
> as such and didn't quote the bug 83552 "good arguments" from the start:
> see later on). 

I just forgot to point to bug 83552, that's all. I sent in the patch because I
think this bug is indeed "very irritating". Not just to me, but to others too.
The arguments in the bug describe why.

> I must say that I agree with him: icon renaming in list
> view can get in your way, which is why I suggested to click on icons.
> The truth is, though, that it *doesn't* have to be that way. I never
> thought of it as irritating under Windows: why? Because under GNOME 2
> the renaming starts almost as soon as you click on the icon name, while
> under Windows you can safely click on both the icon and its name, to
> rename the icon you have to "insist" a little longer on the name. 

I just checked this for win2k, just to be certain; for files in a list, Nautilus
and windows explorer have the same rename-behaviour: you click once to select,
wait a few moments, than click again, on the filename. This will start renaming.
The only small difference is that it takes windows explorer a little bit longer
to actually start the renaming, but it will happen eventually. Unless you close
the window or quickly select another file, of course. 
I guess you meant "clicking it longer" with "insisting". Clicking longer or
shorter is not a criterium for windows explorer.


> As regards the other points, only n. 3 sounds true to me (n. 1 concerns
> the implementation, as hinted above, and n. 4 is moot if you change icon
> behaviour in either way for icon and list view). We can a) live with
> this inconsistency (in the unlikely event that direct icon renaming
> won't be killed, that is ;) or b) change it in such a way to make it
> consistent, perhaps adding a modifier key to hold while clicking on the
> icon to rename it, both in icon and list view.

I'm not against such a feature, but I doubt if we need it. You already can
rename files with F2. Selecting a file+ pressing F2 is not exactly the same as
clicking it with a modifier-key pressed, but it's close.


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