Re: [PATCH] Change list-view rename-behaviour

While I can see both points of view on this, just add 2c worth:

1) right-click menu option selection is extremely fatiguing to do several times in a row (find yourself falling back to shell to do lots of renaming? of course you do...), especially if you then need to click 2 or 3 times with left mousebutton to overwrite the filename.

2) windows, afai remember has both options. (hope i got that right). seems like basically nobody uses the right-click option. there must be a reason for this (discoverability? the aforementioned fatique factor?).

Personally I really like the double-click rename, wish it were available under both views, even though i can see the 'theoretical' pitfalls.

Maybe there is some other way? Keyboard shortcut? (would be less fatiguing, but harder to discover...) Other? (Crack idea, imagine selecting a whole directory, clicking 'rename' and being able to tab or arrow up/down between files to be renamed...).

On a related note, is it just me or is it suboptimal to have the cursor pointing to the start of the filename after a rename. Seems like adding a prefix to a name is about the least likely thing I'd want to do in a rename operation.

Darryl Rees.

Dave Bordoley wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 12:24, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:
>>I would have patched it the other way round: what's more intuitive than
>>clicking and changing an icon's name? If you click on the *icon* you
>>won't be annoyed by the rename option.
> Well direct manipulation is good, however I believe that real world
> experience generally has proven that click to rename causes more
> problems than it is worth. Particularly in the list view, the file name
> is the most obvious target for users to click on in order to launch the
> file (mostly due to the fact that it is the defining attribute of the
> file). In the icon view click to rename has the disadvantage that we
> create different specialized behavior depending on where you click an
> object, basically reducing the target size a user has for
> opening/launching a file. This leads users to erroneously enter rename
> mode, which is potentially dangerous and can cause data loss in the
> worst case. Renaming isn't all that common of an operation so requiring
> a user to use keyboard shortcut or context menu entry seems reasonable
> to me at least.

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