Re: Proposal for bug 73937 / symlinks in nautilus

Lo Ettore,

On 13-01-03 (Mon) 17:26 -0500 Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com>

| > Syslinks are not windows shorcuts. They are entities in themselves
| > and should be treated as such.
| I can't see any difference between a Windows shortcut and a Unix
| symlink; could you please elaborate?

Think PIF file. Now transfer everything you know about PIF (minus the
386 protected mode stuff you were always scared of), wrap them in an OLE
stream, and you have something that looks like a Windows shortcut.

It's just a file with launch parameters, not unlike the launchers in KDE
and GNOME. 


Someone told me that Emacs can do this all _and_ email too, go figure!

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