Re: Proposal for bug 73937 / symlinks in nautilus

On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 08:19, iain wrote: 
> My opinion is that we should do whatever "cd .." does, because that in
> reality is what clicking the button really should be meaning.
> On bash I think it does it the way it works now.
> /misc -> /mnt/misc
> cd /misc
> cd ..
> pwd gives /

Who said the up arrow should be equivalent to "cd .." in the shell? 
Have you seen Windows or MacOS users thinking in terms of paths when
they navigate their file system?  I haven't.  :)

"Normal" users don't think of paths when they navigate their file
system; they think in terms of folders contained into other folders. 
And the notion of a path that gets expanded according to which elements
of the path are symlinks is a complicated one (Ben's post of the shell
manpage is an excellent example of how complicated that is to explain).

Personal opinions aside, Nautilus has had the other behavior for a long
time now, and I don't think the behavior should be changed like this
until evidence is shown that the new way is better.  (So far, I have
only seen shell users who think that "cd .." and the "up arrow" button
should be equivalent; but shell users are not the target audience are

Ettore Perazzoli <ettore ximian com>

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