Re: File sharing with Nautilus

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 09:23:38AM +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote: 
> I'd like to integrate into Nautilus some minimal code to parse the samba
> config files. This means we can show "shared" emblems for directories
> that are shared. Then external code can use the context menu plugin
> system to add a "share this folder" operation. The hard part is writing
> the script to safely add shares to the samba configuration, in a way
> that will not break if the smb.conf file has been manually edited
> before, and in a way that isn't a huge security hole.

Crazy idea - what if there's a system daemon that modifies the
smb.conf on user's behalf. The reason for the daemon is that it can
strictly control what modifications are allowed, take care of locking,
etc. so might be safer than some sort of suid config-file-munger
that the user launches.

If you had a system daemon that was a generic hardware or volume
monitor daemon, it would naturally do this job also.


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