re: directory backgrounds

I like the idea of being able to change the backgrounds.  But I also
like Sinzui's idea of having it be based on folder properties.  Maybe
have a list of "Folder emblems" that can be added to or subtracted from
by the user, just like any other emblem.  Except that once the emblem is
set on the folder, that directory background changes.  i.e. yellow and
black hazard banner for "system" directories that shouldn't be messed
with.  But the user should be able to customize the banners.
One of the things I like about the current gnome/nautilus is that so
much of it IS customizable.  I like the theming ability of all my apps.
Even though, the theme changes for GTK, GTK2, Nautilus, Galeon,
Metacity, Sawfish, etc, etc.

sean frozenreality com

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