re: directory backgrounds

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 19:49, Sean Eichhorn wrote:
> I like the idea of being able to change the backgrounds.  But I also
> like Sinzui's idea of having it be based on folder properties.  Maybe
> have a list of "Folder emblems" that can be added to or subtracted from
> by the user, just like any other emblem.  Except that once the emblem is
> set on the folder, that directory background changes.  i.e. yellow and
> black hazard banner for "system" directories that shouldn't be messed
> with.  But the user should be able to customize the banners.
> One of the things I like about the current gnome/nautilus is that so
> much of it IS customizable.  I like the theming ability of all my apps.
> Even though, the theme changes for GTK, GTK2, Nautilus, Galeon,
> Metacity, Sawfish, etc, etc.

I don't tend to use folder backgrounds for the following purpose,
since I don't use Nautilus for remote file management; however,
it occurs to me that it would be a useful means to distinguish
between filesystems on different hosts, etc.
I always use different gnome-terminal backgrounds (profiles) to
distinguish between shells on my local machine and on various remote
ones (I don't want to execute "halt" on the server in a fit of 
absent-mindedness!). So I think with a little imagination we can
consider a number of uses for per-directory backgrounds. However,
for the purpose of distinguishing regions of the filesystem,
backgrounds need to inherit from the parent folder. Can they
do this?

Peter Wainwright

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