Re: The future direction of the Nautilus UI

Please don't make a stupid Nautilus only for a idea about a ideal OO paradigm. In the case of a file system, this have a struct when the navigation and the location have sense.
When a user understand the struct can obtain more of the context.
Taking out the tree or the navigation bar, the Nautilus is not more usable. Is more stupid. I think we must first make the actual Nautilus more performant, capable,etc, and next search new posibilities like view the directories in 3D with colors and surfaces depending of the data or any
other metaphor you like with optional views.
I am very ignorant but can make a view for xml files easily and think extensibility of Nautilus is very important for the future of the aplication. In this form we can have a stable aplication with
many optionals, experimentals capabilities.
A site with information of the views and plugins may be a good idea.



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