OO Interface, Questions and Ideas

With the OO Interface, you say new windows must open etc, but i think this can work if its done right.

First, there should be no more directory, we should do it like how alot of video game systems work, such as

An Mp3 icon, you click it, all your mp3s are always there, remove the ability for the user to control where files are saved, hide the directory from the user 100 percent of the time.

All your pictures are accessed by clicking the picture icon which opens one picture viewer which accesses all your picture files.

One movie icon accesses all of your movie files.

One text icon allows access to all your text icons, I think this could work if you could keep preview mode etc.

Can you make the interface truely task oriented instead of just object oriented meaning each icon is a task, mp3 player accesses all your music through the playlist, all your movies are accessed through a list etc.

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