Re: PATCH: Bug 82463

HI Chris (good comments)

Chris Altmann <altmann rcsis com> said:
> I agree with those that mentioned it that a discussion about what user
> model Nautilus/GNOME intends to present (OOUI, Browser, Traditional File
> Manager App) is a good idea.

I think this discussion is paramount. There are alot of different design
paradigms that nautilus could follow. We need to pick one and go with it. 
> Right click on desktop should present 'Open in Window' and 'Open in
> Terminal' Note lack of word new. 

Surely you mean that these items should be present for the desktop objects
(eg. folders) not the desktop itself. Also I have filed a bug with the
terminal for    asking for it to include itself as a mime-type handler for
folders (so you can right click on the folder and select open in terminal).

>I don't think most users realize that
> the desktop is a 'window'. It has no title bar or resizable border. With
> both options, the cwd would be the desktop.

Agree, I think users should need to have no understanding of nautilus as an
application. Instead the desktop should be the shell, a object based view of
the users computer.

> Right click on background of a Nautilus folder should present 'Open in
> new window' and 'Open in terminal'. With both options the cwd would be
> the directory clicked in.

Of course this leads back to the question of design paradigm. In an object
based paradigm having two windows open to the same directory doesn't make much

Anyway I'm off to class, we should talk about this more.


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