Re: PATCH: Bug 82463

<bordoley msu edu> wrote:
>It appears that winxp is even slowly moving towards the object based ui
>the file manager, as new window is not even available from the file

Windows (> 3.x) never had this option on a menu. It has always been a
keyboard option though (ctrl+doubleclick on a folder icon). The first
version of Windows 95 defaulted to open each folder in a new window
MacOS style IIRC. Later versions changed to reuse the current window by
default. I, and most people I know, preferred the later option and
changed to it immediately in the original Win95.

I agree with those that mentioned it that a discussion about what user
model Nautilus/GNOME intends to present (OOUI, Browser, Traditional File
Manager App) is a good idea.

My .02 on the menu item:

Right click on desktop should present 'Open in Window' and 'Open in
Terminal' Note lack of word new. I don't think most users realize that
the desktop is a 'window'. It has no title bar or resizable border. With
both options, the cwd would be the desktop.

Right click on background of a Nautilus folder should present 'Open in
new window' and 'Open in terminal'. With both options the cwd would be
the directory clicked in.

Right click on background of terminal should present 'Open in Nautilus'
;) The windows would of course open in the cwd.

Chris Altmann - altmann rcsis com

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