RE: PATCH: Bug 82463

Bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > Right click on desktop should present 'Open in Window' and 'Open in
> > Terminal' Note lack of word new. 
> Surely you mean that these items should be present for the 
> desktop objects
> (eg. folders) not the desktop itself. 

Actually I meant both. For folder objects it would just be 'Open' and
'Open in Terminal'. For the desktop itself, it would be as I described.
Note that on OS/2's WPS (OOGUI) you can right click on the desktop and
pick (for example) Open->Tree View and you will get it, in a window. In
a NavUI, it also makes sense as we should be able to treat the desktop
as another folder, and open it in a window (say we want to view it in
list view sorted by date for some reason). 

PS: I just noticed that OS/2 WPS (ver 3) lets you set a folder to open
alternate views in separate windows by setting the 'Object open
behavior' to 'Create new window" instead of the default 'Display
existing window'. So there is precedent for this ability in an OOUI ;)

Chris Altmann - altmann rcsis com

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