Re: [Usability]Re: toolbar issues

Ryan Patrick Muldoon wrote:
> What does the Mac OS X Finder do?  Explorer gives the throbber, so even
> if it is something that an hourglass/watch cursor could handle, user
> expected behavior is still a throbber.  But if OS X does something
> different, it might be relevant to the conversation.

I seriously wonder how many people ever see/look at the throbber on any
of these platforms anyway, or at least regard it as a source of feedback
rather than just a pretty animation.  I've been using Windoze XP pretty
much every day at some point for three or four months now, but I
couldn't tell you what the IE6 throbber looks like... I only ever look
at the pointer and the progress indicator on the status bar to see
whether anything's happening or not.


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