toolbar issues


At the moment the Galeon and Nautilus toolbars have a rightclick popup
menu on the back, up, and forward buttons. While this is very useful,
it's not very obvious that it's there. Also it has a lot of
implementation problems, like bonoboui not really supporting rightclick
stuff on toolbar buttons and stuff like that.
IMHO Gnumeric and AbiWord solved this much better by having an arrow
butotn next to their undo/redo buttons which drops down a list of
possible actions. See
That way it's clear it's there, and there are no implementation

Personally I would love to see that in both Nautilus and Galeon. I'm
writing the Galeon toolbar code, but I could also make a patch for
Nautilus if people are interested ...

Another thing with the Nauti toolbar is that it uses it's own theming
stuff, i think we shouldn't do that in Gnome 2 since stock icons can now
be themed. (And we can register app-specific icons with the stock
system, so that they can be themed as well). Also it would be nice if
some of the buttons had priority. (ie text beside icons, if requested in
the toolbar capplet). I can do a patch for this stuff as well, if there
is interest.

Let me know what you think,

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