Re: toolbar issues

I think your point is actually more relevant to galeon than to nautilus.
Imo nautilus should be transparent to gnome. What I mean by that is that
the user shouldn't care that they are using "nautilus," they should only
have to know that they are using gnome and this is the app that is used
to view files. It is for this reason that i think in nautilus a standard
throbber, and no theming would be nice. Since it's a file
manager/desktop shell. User shouldn't have to care about it.

Galeon on the other hand is a stand alone app that is more likely to be
used outside of gnome. Many kde users seems to prefer it. For this
reason in galeon the branding issue is more relevant. 

Perhaps the two ideas can be joined by creating a gnome throbber themer
capplet which should theme the nautilus and any other gnome apps that
may use the throbber, but than let galeon have it's own throbber theming
as well with an option to use the gnome default.

just a thought


On Sun, 2002-05-19 at 17:25, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Maybe. Been giving some thought to this one, but sometimes the spinner
> is used to "brand" the app, ie a galeon spinner in galeon, a nautilus
> logo spinner in nautilus. Sharing the spinner in such a case would be a
> bad idea.
> Cheers
> Jorn

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