Re: [Usability]Re: toolbar issues

I've thought about this before...I think it does cuz even on local
drives loading can be slow and the throbber does supply information to
the user that the app is doing something and not just locked up in
obscurity....The main problem as you say are networked filesystems which
can be considerably slower....


On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 11:47, David Moles wrote:
> Possibly this is crack, but: Does Nautilus need a throbber at all?
> Shouldn't local file-viewing operations complete instantaneously? (Yeah,
> I know they *don't*, but *shouldn't* they?)
> I guess I can see a case for some sort of progress indicator for
> networked filesystems, where things may not happen instantaneously.
> But even there, is a throbber really The Right Thing? Seems like an
> actual progress indicator of some sort (one that indicates progress,
> rather than just saying "Working..." like the old Star Trek computer)
> would be more helpful. Are throbbers more than just eye candy? What
> do y'all think?

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