Re: menu editing status, and prelim. patch

I was thinking about this. Does it even make sense to allow users to remove 
folders and launchers installed by root or individual programs. There are lots
of consistency problems this could create (aka how does a user retrieve
deleted system installed folders and launchers). I could see administrators
being unhappy about users changing their menu's in this way. Perhaps the
applications directory should only support creating new folders and .desktop
files and only allow the user to edit/remove user created folders and .desktop
files but not the edit/remove system defined folders and .desktop files. Just
pop up a dialog if the user tries to delete these "system" files or folder
telling them they don't have permission to change these. 

I think for the vast majority of end users, simply being able to add to the
existing structure is good enough. I don't think end users should be able to
change the menu structure since it makes the theoretical implementation pretty
complicated let along the actual implementation. As for sys admins wanting to
change the structure, if they really want to do this they can always edit the
applications vfolder-info file in vfs.


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