Re: menu editing status, and prelim. patch

<bordoley msu edu> writes:
> I was thinking about this. Does it even make sense to allow users to remove 
> folders and launchers installed by root or individual programs. There are lots
> of consistency problems this could create (aka how does a user retrieve
> deleted system installed folders and launchers). I could see administrators
> being unhappy about users changing their menu's in this way. Perhaps the
> applications directory should only support creating new folders and .desktop
> files and only allow the user to edit/remove user created folders and .desktop
> files but not the edit/remove system defined folders and .desktop files. Just
> pop up a dialog if the user tries to delete these "system" files or folder
> telling them they don't have permission to change these. 

It's definitely essential to have "read-only" folders that can't be
deleted. I think the vfolder format already had that, though, last I
looked at it.


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