Re: Symlinks in nautilus don't behave like they do in the terminal

Louie I agree, by soon, i mean perhaps 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 :)


On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 08:49, Luis Villa wrote:
> This is where I step in, put on my release team hat, and say 'pretty
> please with sugar on top, please fix all the release blocking bugs
> first[1] and then worry about bugs like this one.' Yes, I know this bug
> stinks, but I could find tons of them that are worse. In fact, I /have/
> found tons of them that are worse. And we have like three weeks until
> 2.0.0 freeze. So, please, if you're fixing nautilus bugs, concentrate on
> those first. 
> Luis

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