Symlinks in nautilus don't behave like they do in the terminal

This is reference to bug 73937 (Nautilus forgets/changes path when
entering symbolic link)

Symbolic links used to be followed correctly in nautilus.

eg. If i had a symlink to /mnt/shared in my home dir called shared it
would appear as /home/dave/shared the same as it appears in the

Currently clicking on the shared "symlink" in my home changes the
direcory to the /mnt/shared.

This really defeats the purpose of symlinks in unix in an attempt to
recreate "Windows" behavior.

I think this is bad since it breaks the unix paradigm. If we want to
implement windows behavior, it can be done using .desktop files, but
please don't break the correct unix behavior.

Pretty please with sugar on top. I know this isn't 2.0 type fix, but i'd
really like to see it fixed soon...


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