Re: gtkhtml2 view

The bugs i am refering to are all the gtkhtml2 view crashers, that
really don't have any place in nautilus. I think enhancement request for
a web view should be aimed at galeon, since they will do the
implementaion. There are some old key nav bugs, but they relate to
nautilus-mozilla, and are most likely no longer relevant. I haven't
closed them though yet.


On Wed, 2002-05-15 at 10:19, Alex Larsson wrote:
> a) We're not shipping the gtkhtml2 view
> b) Sometime we're gonna get a html view, gtkhtml1 or mozilla based. So we 
>    don't want to just forcefully close all html view bugs.
> If the bug is in the HTML renderer, then the correct thing to do is to 
> assign it to the right bugzilla component (gtkhtml2 bugzilla is at 
>, gtkhtml1 is in gnome bugzilla, mozilla 
> is at 
> If the bug is in the view then it may be in all the html views, and the 
> bug rightly belongs in nautilus-mozilla or nautilus-gtkhtml, if those 
> components exist in bugzilla. Otherwise I guess we should keep them in 
> the nautilus view as webpage component.
> Of course, if the bug report is totally crappy and/or has no interesting 
> information we should close it. Or if it stuff that clearly relates to 
> "old" stuff, like build problems.

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