Re: gtkhtml2 view

On 14 May 2002, dave bordoley wrote:

> Now that nautilus will no longer support viewing of html in nautilus and
> is going to instead just launch a web browser if the user enters a web
> address, maybe we should just not ship the gtkhtml2 view, since it's
> pretty buggy and unmaintained. Also would allow us to close some bugs.
> Alternatively, if gtkhtml2 view is still shipped can we move it's bugs
> to the gtkhtml component in bugzilla. Perhaps someone interested in
> fixing gtkhtml will look at them there.
> If i'm way off base here please let me know.

a) We're not shipping the gtkhtml2 view
b) Sometime we're gonna get a html view, gtkhtml1 or mozilla based. So we 
   don't want to just forcefully close all html view bugs.

If the bug is in the HTML renderer, then the correct thing to do is to 
assign it to the right bugzilla component (gtkhtml2 bugzilla is at, gtkhtml1 is in gnome bugzilla, mozilla 
is at 

If the bug is in the view then it may be in all the html views, and the 
bug rightly belongs in nautilus-mozilla or nautilus-gtkhtml, if those 
components exist in bugzilla. Otherwise I guess we should keep them in 
the nautilus view as webpage component.

Of course, if the bug report is totally crappy and/or has no interesting 
information we should close it. Or if it stuff that clearly relates to 
"old" stuff, like build problems.

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