Re: PATCH: [Bug 75143] delete trash dialog title should say "emptytrash contents?"

On Mon, 2002-05-13 at 11:16, Calum Benson wrote:
> David Moles wrote:
> > I would probably go with "Permanently delete all items in trash?" or
> > something of that sort.
> After eloquently arguing why "Emptying trash contents" is gramatically
> incorrect, you spoiled it :o)  Admittedly we don't talk about trash and
> trashcans over here anyway so maybe I'm just missing the idiom... but
> deleting something "in" something sounds just as wrong to me.  
> Don't you have to delete things *from* something...?  "Permanently
> delete all items from the trash can", perhaps...?  (Actually I think
> "remove" reads better than "delete" here, but I appreciate that perhaps
> doesn't convey the permanence quite so well).

No, no -- it's not "delete [items] [in trash]", it's 
"delete [items in trash]". The "in" qualifies the items,
not the deletion. If delete was a function it would be
delete(items), not delete(items, location).

Have I confused the issue enough? :) I admit that my
suggestion is pretty clunky.

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