Re: Accelerator for New Window

Il mar, 2002-05-07 alle 19:29, Calum Benson ha scritto:
> Justin Davies wrote:
> > I think we have to think about what would be used more, requesting a new
> > window or find ?  
> I don't think it matters in this case, the HIG recommends shortcuts for
> both :)  Well, almost... Ctrl-N is the recommended shortcut for 'New'
> (document), and IMHO it's more reasonable to extend that to mean 'New
> Window' than 'New Folder' in the Nautilus context.

  Yeah, I often find my home/desktop full of "new folders" just because
I am used to Galeon and I hit Ctrl-N to get a new window.
  I think consistency between GNOME apps is more important than
consistency with Emacs, in fact the only app that uses Emacs (of Vim,
for that matter) keybindings is Emacs and you'll hit the wrong key in
many more apps than just Nautilus.

  -- Michele -

Everybody thinks of changing humanity
and nobody thinks of changing himself
        -- Leo Tolstoy

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