Re: [Usability]Re: Accelerator for New Window

On 08May2002 02:36PM (-1000), Liam R. E. Quin wrote:
> Of course, Unix shell users have another set... as do vi users.
> The first question to ask is this:
> [1] To what extent is it acceptable to disenfranchise Unix programmers
>     and experienced Unix users?
>     An environment that's hostile to these people may lose
>     developers.

Experienced Unix users are educable to a surprising extent. Although I
will admit I have not yet given up emacs in my new life as a Mac
> [2] How can such users be accommodated?
>     For example, loadable key-binding sets?  That can make it hard for
>     people staffing help desks or sharing a desktop.

Gtk+ supports keybinding themes.

> [3] Could a mechnism for [2] help users of other systems too, such
>     as Macintosh, Windows, CDE, OpenWin, etc?

These systems are pretty consistent with each other for common
keybindings, actually.

 - Maciej

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