Re: Accelerator for New Window

Justin Davies wrote:

> I think we have to think about what would be used more, requesting a new
> window or find ?  

I don't think it matters in this case, the HIG recommends shortcuts for
both :)  Well, almost... Ctrl-N is the recommended shortcut for 'New'
(document), and IMHO it's more reasonable to extend that to mean 'New
Window' than 'New Folder' in the Nautilus context.

Having said that, you could argue it either way I guess, as creating a
new folder in a file browser is *kind* of similar to creating a new
document in a word processor or whatever.  But other browsers/file
managers also use Ctrl-N to mean New Window, so given the choice I think
we should stay consistent with those.

(I would like to see some keyboard shortcut or other for 'New Folder',
though, because it really annoys me that Windows Explorer *still*
doesn't have one...)


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