Re: PATCH: remove favorites .desktop file, add stock trash icon make help correct

On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 01:00, Alex Larsson wrote:
    On 2 May 2002, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
    > On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 19:57, Dave Bordoley wrote:
    >     Right now menu editing doesn't work, but should theoretically in
    >     nautilus. Alex does favorites work for you. It hasn't ever worked for me
    >     since i've switched to gnome2 using the snapshots.
    > Seems like favorites is broken. I see stuff there, but if I link things
    > there they dont work.
    > I think we should ditch favorites:// and make a bookmarks:// view, that
    > would just do the same thing, just call it "Favorites" since it seems to
    > be the term both mac and windows use..?
    > Both bookmarks and favorites sort of do the same thing anyway.
    When you say "Bookmarks", what bookmarks are you refering to? The galeon 
    ones? The mozilla ones? The nautilus ones?

The nautilus ones yeah. Would be cool if all those apps shared one set,
but that is another issue.
    Favourites used to be a global list of apps that you often used, exposed 
    in the panel menu and later also in nautilus using favorites:. We have 
    nothing to replace this with, and doing a bookmarks: view with only the 
    nautilus bookmarks is a) hard, because that code is nautilus-specific, and 
    we need it in gnome-vfs, b) somewhat silly, since i think Nautilus 
    bookmars are pretty useless.

Maybe you are right. On the other hand, on OSX you can add anything to
favorites, so it can be a "box of often needed things" - not just
applications or files or folders, but all of those. Like, mine could
have Gimp launcher, Pictures folder, Abiword, Documents folder and a
link to my digital photos folder in the NFS server. Of course I could
also link them to the desktop, or into some folder on the desktop. Or
just bookmark them. But looks like favorites code is sort of rotting
away anyway - it does not work too well here, and there are no menus to
"add to favorites" so favorites: seem to be rather useless at this


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