Re: Remaining HIG Menu Issues

Dave Bordoley wrote:
> Here are the remaining ones:
> 1. Bookmark shortcuts. Currently the hig recommends "Add Bookmark"
> should be Ctrl-D and Edit Bookmarks should be Ctrl-B. Ctrl-D interferes
> with the duplicate shortcut. Are we going to be hig compliant? note: now
> that the arrow keys are being used for the navigation short cuts ctl-u
> is available and could be used for duplicate. Need a decision on this.

My personal preference here would be to go with the HIG's Ctrl-D for Add
Bookmark, and either choose a different shortcut for Duplicate, or just
drop the Duplicate shortcut altogether (unless we know it's really
widely-used).  Whether or not we'd like to resurrect Nautilus as a web
browser going forward is kind of irrelevant I think; if there's a
function on the menu that has a standard shortcut, I believe we should
use that shortcut.

> 2. Home shortcut. Currently we use ctl-h, galeon use ctl-home, mozilla
> uses alt-home and i'm fairly sure IE uses alt-home. I recommend going
> with ctl-home to be consistent with galeon. I don't believe there is a
> hig recommendation on this. Calum?

Problem with Ctrl+Home is that with the current Nautilus selection
model, it ought to move focus to the first item in the list/icon view
without selecting it (can't remember off-hand if it actually does this
or not, however).  Given our recent Up/Down/Back/Forward discussion, I
guess Alt+Home would perhaps be the best bet, if it doesn't clash with
anything else.


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