Remaining HIG Menu Issues

The patches I just sent take care of most the HIG issues in bug 76293.

Here are the remaining ones:
1. Bookmark shortcuts. Currently the hig recommends "Add Bookmark"
should be Ctrl-D and Edit Bookmarks should be Ctrl-B. Ctrl-D interferes
with the duplicate shortcut. Are we going to be hig compliant? note: now
that the arrow keys are being used for the navigation short cuts ctl-u
is available and could be used for duplicate. Need a decision on this.

2. Home shortcut. Currently we use ctl-h, galeon use ctl-home, mozilla
uses alt-home and i'm fairly sure IE uses alt-home. I recommend going
with ctl-home to be consistent with galeon. I don't believe there is a
hig recommendation on this. Calum?

Other than these two bugs, nautilus menus are looking pretty nice.


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