Re: Add Network Neighborhood to Nautilus

On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 17:21, John Palmieri wrote:
> You also bring up another interesting issue.  For now most of the talk
> has been about file sharing protocols but any one computer, once they
> were discovered, could export multiple protocols.  Another question
> would be, "why do I care about protocols? I just want to know what
> services are available and from where."  In this case a list of all
> computers that export service I can use, be it file, print, fax, or
> others, should be listed in a browser.  Clicking on them would report
> the services available for that computer.  If I just wanted file servers
> I would be able to filter for that.  This would be sort of like a
> virtual LDAP server.  This is what I would like to see - the ability to
> drop a GNOME desktop into a network and with zero configuration I can
> see all services available to me.  Extream wishlist :-)

Yeah, that is a kinda extreme wishlist, but it isn't impossible. One
possibility would be to gather NFS, SMB, Appleshare, coda, inter-mezzo,
etc, etc as one to the user. Scanning for this would however involve a
massive portscan of the entire network.. I don't see a problem on a
100Mbit lan for that, however - but people stuck on slower networks
would be stuck with an extremely sluggish system the first time it

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