Re: Saving window geometry broken again :-(

>         1. WM = Metacity HEAD, but doesnt seem to matter; read further
>         2. new-window-mode works perfectly. Geometry gets saved to
>            ~/.nautilus/metafiles/whatever.xml just fine. When I resize
>            or move a window, on the next flush of the metadata to the
>            disk, the stuff gets correctly written to the metafile xml.
>         3. On single-window-mode the geometry does not get loaded from,
>            *nor* saved to the metafile. Nothing gets written onto it (it
>            does not change) - if there is an old geometry (if I had
>            new-window-mode active and I resized stuff, or some old sizes
>            from before) it never gets any effect.
>         4. Switching back to new-window-mode makes the stuff work again,
>            even the old saved geometry's.
>         5. Moving icons around does get saved to the metafiles though..
>         6. This is PPC, but it doesnt sound like a typical endianness
>            bug to me.. 
> So where should I have a look into?

I don't know...

Looking at the code I don't see why this doesn't work, it follows the
same code path for one-window and in-new-window mode. I am still running
2.0.0 from Ximian Gnome2 RPMS and only tried the new code on my
self-compiled CVS version, so maybe it's a problem with the latest
snapshots? Any suggestions are welcome...

- Frank

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