Re: Patch: file share support for Nautilus

> Oops, I thought I had removed that for the proposed patch :))

Well that is what happens. Now go fix it :P

> Output from the perl script is not displayed to user (we only use return
> value from shell scripts or list of shared paths). So nothing needs
> translation..

OK, great.

> I didn't changed the #define because I had no nother program to call for
> that when adapting the patch to official merge.. Maybe modifying
> FILESHARE_CONFIG_PROGRAM to call XST File sharing tools would be ok ?
> (And of course, I would patch Mandrake version of Nautilus to use
> diskdrake instead).
> WDYT ?

Well, XST doesnt really seem to be a "part of" GNOME yet, so we probably 
cannot depend on it. So the question is what do we do. 

Does other distributions like for instance Red Hat have configuration 
tools for this?

And how much is needed at minimum? Is it possible to make a very simple
configuration dialog that we could run if XST isn't installed?
Or should we just bring up a dialog?


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