Re: [Nautilus-list] performance and usability

	Since when did this become personal? I state what I believe to be facts
about a program in hopes that the constructive criticism would help in
some fashion and people make personal attacks on me? Who's the one
that's childish? I even apologized beforehand for sending negative
comments but negative comments are sometimes needed. For those of you
that aren't use to them, it's about time you get use to them because
it's the only thing that will make you want to try harder. 
	Some say, "code it yourself then." Well not all of us have time for
everything we find flawed or in need of help. Another thing to remember
is that Nautilus became the default file browser for gnome after much
hype and lip from eazel and the nautilus developers. With that comes
responsibility. If the Nautilus developers do not wish to have their
product criticized, don't have it as the primary file browser of gnome.
Especially when GMC was much more useful from a practical standpoint.
Yes, I know I can switch to GMC myself but that's not the point. 
	My negative comments do Nautilus and the developers more justice than
those that praise everything about Nautilus and make stupid claims on
how it's superior to anything from MS or Apple. Such comments are
delusional and portray the product as 100% acceptable as is. Then you're
stuck with a shitty application that has nothing going for it but
blindly devoted fools that hype it to something it's not.

	In any case, for those of you that actually develop on Nautilus, keep
up the work, try to make the navigation more fluid (especially with
respect to different disks), try to make it faster, and try to keep the
scope of the project focused.  

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