[Nautilus-list] nautilus site content

Hi All,

In the quest to develop content for the nautilus website,
I've created a list of 'things I think should be on it(tm)'.
Please feel free to add comments about the items below.  I'm
working on gathering these things up as I can:

	FAQ, QuickStart Guide, Manual
	Developer-specific docs (readmes, build instructions, etc.)
	User tutorials and HOWTOs
	Helpful hints and tips
	'Wonderful things you can do w/Nautilus'

RSS feed list
Downloads (pointers to cvs/source, rpms, debs, etc.)
Mailing-list access
How to Contribute to Nautilus
Testing resources

Maybe we can setup an 'incoming' area somewhere for people to upload
things, like themes/scripts/docs/etc.  That will help the content
aggregation process.

Jon Allen
jonallen sdf lonestar org

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