Error "Invalid parameters" while copying

I got this message:

        Error "Invalid parameters" while copying.  
        Would you like to continue? 
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While trying to copy a file onto a floppy disk. Any thoughts?

Here's some useful information:

I was right-draging.

The floppy's fstab entry looks like this:
/dev/fd0  /floppy   auto  defaults,user,noauto            0       0

The file in question was ~/Documents/food/template.tex:
-r--------  1 ben ben  233 Jan 29  2002 Documents/food/template.tex

/floppy is

drwxr--r--  2 ben ben 7168 Dec 19 22:38 /floppy

When I coppied the file in a shell it worked fine.

Also, I was having issues with famd hanging onto the floppy drive after
no windows were displaying it. I had to kill famd to unmount /floppy
either through Nautilus or via command line.


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