Re: Error "Invalid parameters" while copying

On 19 Dec 2002, Ben FrantzDale wrote:

> I got this message:
>         Error "Invalid parameters" while copying.  
>         Would you like to continue? 
>         [Skip] [Retry] [Stop]
> While trying to copy a file onto a floppy disk. Any thoughts?

This is GNOME_VFS_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETERS, which typically means 
something returned EINVAL.

Did this error happen every time you tried it? It would be interesting to 
track down what operation failed. Maybe run it in strace.
> Also, I was having issues with famd hanging onto the floppy drive after
> no windows were displaying it. I had to kill famd to unmount /floppy
> either through Nautilus or via command line.

nautilus keeps a fam watch on the trash dir. You should have been able to 
unmount it from nautilus though (then it removes the watch before 

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