Nautilus File Associations Not "Sticking"

How do I get Nautilus to accept that I want to use certain programs to
open up certain files?

In my Home directory I have a folder called Documents in which I keep a
number of Open Office docs.

When I use Nautilus to navigate to the Documents folder and
double-click, say, a spreadsheet, Nautilus says:

"Can't Display Location" "Nautilus has no installed viewer capable of
displaying "WhateverDocumentIClickedOn"."

If I right-click on the document and choose "Open with..." either a
Viewer or an Application, Nautilus complains that "there is no
application associated with filename". But at least now it asks me if I
want to create the association.

OK, so I hit the "Associate Application" button and in the new "Edit
file type" dialog box, I choose "" from the drop-down menu
regarding "Default Action".

Only my selection never "sticks". <sigh>

When I go to select another spreadsheet, the same thing happens.

How do I fix this, please?

I'm running SuSE 8.1.

L. Mark Stone

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