Re: multihead desktop

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 13:08, Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Alexander Larsson">

> The problem with the old behaviour is that there is only ever one position
> stored for each icon, but the icon positions are not uptated between the
> desktops (if an icon moves on one it doesn't update on the others).  This
> causes some strange behaviour. (Plus its useless to have the desktop be
> replicated on all heads.)

Okay, say I:

  - Usually use GNOME 2.2 on my high-powered multihead workstation, and tidy
    up my files across 'both' Nautilus desktops. (Nautilus adds screen info
    to the xml files.)

  - Have to log in to one of the crappy single-head GNOME 2.0 machines that
    we handed down to the sales department on day. Do all of my files appear
    on the one desktop, overlayed at the positions they would have been on
    both screens? (If 2.0 ignores the screen info, I'd assume it would do

  - When I move back to my happy workstation, after not changing anything,
    will the metadata be otherwise harmed?

  - If I moved some files around on the 2.0 desktop, and go back to my happy
    workstation, will they still have their screen info (does 2.0 keep any
    unknown metadata?) or will the changed files all appear on screen 0 by
    default (because their screen info has been killed) or will *all* of the
    files appear on screen 0 now, because all their screen info has been
I just logged into the rh8 desktop to test this (with a single head) and moved some of the files around.  Upon coming back to 2.2, they appeared on the correct screen with the new position.


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