Re: Marking strings for translation (was: Re: changes)

Am Mit, 2002-12-18 um 18.13 schrieb Joe Shaw:
> On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 11:36, Christian Neumair wrote:
> > That did not anwer my question.
> > "(They) aren't shipped in the final product" and "users are not going to
> > see/use (them)".
> > So why are they marked for translation?
> > Anyway, translations are just useful for the average end-user, not for
> > developers.
> It makes little sense to spend the time to go back and remove all the
> translation marks from deprecated, unbuilt code.
I understand that. I understand as well that it takes some time to
remove those deprecated files.
Somebody has to make clear who's responsible for POTFILES.(in/skip).
I think the best sollution is not to assigning this taks to anybody.
Whenever a maintainer changes or adds a files in a way that it shouldn't
be translated anymore (resp. hence has to be translated) he should add
this file to po/ or .skip. If he doesn't, the translators
should still have the possibility to perform that task without asking
one of the maintainers.
Is that policy acceptable for you?


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