Re: changes

ons 2002-12-18 klockan 09.42 skrev Alexander Larsson:
> > erhmm... are there any special reason to re-include in
> > 
> > components/loser/*
> > components/music/*
> > components/sample/*
> > src/nautilus-preferences-dialog.c
> > src/nautilus-theme-selector.c
> > 
> > ?
> > 
> > Now I've more then 360 unused string to re-translate :-((
> No there is no reason to. They were added (without asking) by:
> 2002-12-16  Christian Neumair  <chris gnome-de org>
> Chris, those files were explicitly removed earlier. You can't just go 
> commit random changes to cvs without asking. I seem to remember unapproved 
> checkins from you causing problems before. Please be more careful in the 
> future and follow the rules.

They should probably be in POTFILES.skip instead. Some of these seems to
have been explicitly removed from POTFILES.skip by cneumair and placed
into instead, which seems like an extraordinary bad thing to
do without discussion and permission.

That said, there has been many files that were left out of both and POTFILES.skip in nautilus
( for a long time, and
it would be nice if those were put in in a
correct and approved way.


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