Re: changes

<quote who="Christian Neumair">

> Why are strings marked for translation if they don't occur in the final
> product?

Because these items aren't shipped in the final product. They're skipped so
that you guys don't have to spend your time translating things that users
are not going to see/use. It saves you time!

> I know, that doesn't excuse my behaviour.  Sorry for causing trouble
> again.

When this happened the last time, we were fairly sure you had understood
that you DO NOT change things without permission from the module maintainer.
I really strongly hope that you understand this now.

I wouldn't usually pipe up on issues such as this, however it worries me
greatly that our hackers have had to waste their time on it when we really
need to be concentrating on bug fixes.

*PLEASE*, in future, *ASK* the maintainer of the module for permission to
make changes. It would be a very uncomfortable situation if we had to revoke
your CVS commit privileges - we don't want to do that.

- Jeff

  "When's the last time you heard of the police having to intervene at an   
                   antiquarian book riot?" - Raph Levien                    

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