Re: changes

Am Mit, 2002-12-18 um 17.23 schrieb Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="Christian Neumair">
> > Why are strings marked for translation if they don't occur in the final
> > product?
> Because these items aren't shipped in the final product. They're skipped so
> that you guys don't have to spend your time translating things that users
> are not going to see/use. It saves you time!
> > I know, that doesn't excuse my behaviour.  Sorry for causing trouble
> > again.
> When this happened the last time, we were fairly sure you had understood
> that you DO NOT change things without permission from the module maintainer.
> I really strongly hope that you understand this now.
I was convinced that commits in the po/ subdirectory don't need any
permission from the module maintainer because I thought that this
definitly is the translators' realm. Obviously another stupid
assumption. I'm not dimwitted and that definitly *won't* happen again.

btw: Is the rule "ask the maintainer" valid for .cvsignore files as


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